Essential business benchmarking for Free, Forever

Learn from the market, refine your offer and grow your business!

A powerful business tool allowing you to easily benchmark your sales, traffic and check average.... for Free

  • Assess your sales performance against your local market

  • Identify where key metrics over and under perform throughout the week

  • Understand the opportunity of refining your sales mix (food vs drink)

  • Significantly reduce the risks in running your restaurant in ever more competitive conditions

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Data-driven decision making made easy

Crafted by operators, for operators, RestauranTrak removes the guesswork in running successful restaurants. With it, you’ll be able to see how the market is performing, how your restaurant compares, plus a wealth of data-driven insights to help your business thrive. Register your interest above to be the first to hear about RestauranTrak updates.

Getting Started with RestauranTrak

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  • Following that, your POS data will start flowing to RestauranTrak HQ, where we’ll work our data magic

  • Get ready - soon you’ll be able to benchmark your performance and make even better decisions about your sales mix, pricing, promotional strategy and much more.

What could you be learning from your local market?

RestauranTrak is not just another app that links to your POS. It is a free service that is designed to help operators refine their concepts to significantly increase the chance of long term success in this competitive market. So, take control, analyze your business, make even smarter decisions and get the success you deserve.

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